Friday, October 15, 2010

No More!

Alright it's completely unrelated to the theme of my blog, but I decided to quit smoking.
I have not had one cigarette in 3 days, and frankly I'm surprised it's this easy. Everything I've been told about smoking says that I should be a nervous wreck.
I never tried quitting before. I bought one pack on Marlboro 72 lights and smoked 10 2 days in a row.
This was a big step down from my usual 20 camel wides a day.
After that, I still would like a cigarette. Smoking is fun.
But the actual need for it is negligible.
If you wanna quit smoking and can't
youre a bitch.

Pictures show relative comparisons of size

If you didnt realize that "I would still like a cigarette" means that I now completely stopped... well.. there you go.